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LE BEC FIN added 3 months ago

always good to define what you have with ingredients! is it chocolate and cream, choc and butter? both those can be refrigd or frozen and used in future. if it's like my ganache, it is essentially the same recipe as for truffles. so it could be divided up and flavored separately and rolled into truffles.....

slidedtd added 3 months ago

it's taking up space in my fridge, choco butter and cream! sorry! Any idea on how long it will keep?

amysarah added 3 months ago

I've made a large batch of chocolate truffles for a birthday party, and frozen them a good month ahead. They were fine. (Freeze separately on a wax paper lined sheet pan, then into airtight container or freezer bag. I didn't roll/coat them in cocoa until I defrosted them.) Hope that helps.


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added 3 months ago

I would make truffles.

Pegeen added 3 months ago
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You mean besides watching Downton Abbey with the icy-cold bowl in your lap, and polishing it off with a spoon? And maybe some great ice cream. ;-)

There are some great cake recipes here or maybe you have some of your own favorites. It would be wonderful to drizzle on an otherwise plain cake, freeze it if you don't have an immediate use for it. Alternatively, make more of those cupcakes and freeze them to give to friends, who will love you.

Pegeen added 3 months ago

Was also just thinking there must be an interesting way to use ganache in a mousse, but I don't make mousse enough to know the chemistry issues probably involved in that. Or in ice cream, if you have an ice cream maker.

LE BEC FIN added 3 months ago

pegeen, you are so funny! thank you for my day's guffaw!

you can form the truffles and freeze them or freeze the mixture and spoon into frozen balls as needed (particularly good technique in the heat of summer). Lasts forEVER in frzr. you could also add some cornstarch mixture to it and use to fill croissants. and make a pie crust, spread with softened ganache(aas is or add liquer like amaretto or grand marnier and/or nuts) and top with fruit and or whipped cream... Or use as a filling for sandwich cookies or ice cream sanwiches.

Pegeen added 3 months ago

LBF, glad if you had a giggle! I enjoy this site so much, myself.

I love the idea of freezing the ganache and using later to spread on top of a tart crust, before adding fruit. I sometimes use almond paste for that but chocolate ganache would be even more elegant with strawberries or raspberries.


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added 3 months ago

Ganache freezes beautifully.


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added 3 months ago

You could also make the most exquisite hot chocolate ever. Or mount it into buttercream. Or chop it up & add it to brownies, cookies, muffins, scones. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Michael added 3 months ago

I like pegeen's answer. I was just going to say grab a spoon, but the addition of Downton Abbey is the cat's pyjamas!

Marie Weber added 3 months ago

I also agree with just grabbing a spoon. But truffles would be great too. In the past I made some kind of truffles and rolled them in oreo cookie crumbs! Oh that is making me want dessert right now.

creamtea added 3 months ago

Send it to me.

slidedtd added 3 months ago

Thanks all! I ended up reheating with a smidge of orange zest and grandmarnier before pouring into little premade tartlets and topped each with a slice of candied orange peel.

LE BEC FIN added 3 months ago

And you didn't invite us over???!!

Kels Murdoch added 3 months ago

I would also go with the spoon method, but add some banana slices! That just sounds like my happy place.

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