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I love sprouts, but only really Steam or Boil them, what else can I do with them? Id like to keep their flavour dominant above anything I add to it, and keep them whole if possible (Im still after a side veg, just, with added flavour)

Also, what is your fave way to cook sprouts?

asked by Kizandtango about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

do you mean brussel sprouts?

added about 5 years ago

what kind of sprouts? brussels sprouts? Check here for lots of options!

added about 5 years ago

I love toasting them in a dry pan. They caramelize on their own and get a toasted flavor. Usually I deglaze the pan with white wine or stock to finish the brussel sprouts off. I've also toasted them and then topped them with a bit of jack or dry cheddar cheese.

added about 5 years ago

For brussel sprouts, I cut them in half or quarters, toss with olive oil and salt then roast at high heat (450 degrees F) for 15-20 minutes until caramelized. You can finish them off with truffle oil if you have any, delish.

added about 5 years ago

I second monkey mom. And you can take a bowl of them along w a wedge of your favorite cheese and wine and have a great evening snack. Like right now just in time for the Madonna glee!


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added about 5 years ago

Peel off any loose exterior leaves. Using a very sharp knife cut each in half and then very thinly slice them. I said very thinly. If possible use the teeniest ones you can find (like the size of a thumb nail). Heat some butter up in a skillet almost until it's beurre noir (brown butter) and add the brussels sprouts. Season with salt and pepper and cook until done. Finish with a splash of tarragon vinegar, e voila!

added about 5 years ago

Shredded in a processor or on a mandoline, and dressed with a vinaigrette (sp???) of your choosing, they are wonderful (and surprising !) raw as a salad. Make sure you clean them well, and pull off any wilted or nasty leaves. I read somewhere recently not to get them wet, that just pulling off the outer leaves is sufficient.

And I third the high-temp roasting with just oil, salt and pepper, That technique has absolutely converted everyone I know who said "I *hate* Brussel sprouts !".