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A question about a recipe: Tilapia Poached in Olive Oil with Thyme and Garlic


I have a question about the recipe "Tilapia Poached in Olive Oil with Thyme and Garlic" from Merrill Stubbs. If I cook the fish in the morning and plan to serve it at dinner, what is the best way I should re-heat it before serving?

asked by nada 6 months ago
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added 6 months ago

This fish does not take long to cook, I would be very fearful of it fallilng apart if it is reheated.


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added 6 months ago

Nada, I agree with June. I wouldn't cook the fish and re-heat it. The recipe is only 20 minutes to cook. I would cook it just before you're going to sit down to eat it. (Sounds tasty!)