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Any recommendations on double boilers? any chance you'll offer one on Provisions? just did a search there and came up empty....

asked by Nina 9 months ago
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Lauren Kelley

Lauren is the Director of Customer Experience and Operations at Food52

added 9 months ago

Hi Nina,

I agree with petitbleu's great answer -- one of our favorite double boilers is as simple as putting a mixing bowl (I prefer stainless steel, but heat-safe glass like pyrex also works) over a pot with simmering water. It's a great method because it takes advantage of items you already have in your kitchen -- plus you can swap out the size of bowls and pots used based on the project at hand. Just be careful when you hold the bowl in place to stir that you use something to keep your hands safe from burns!

But, if you're on the hunt for a double boiler to invest in, we have a crush on the All-Clad ones out there. Sleek and beautiful!

I'll also make sure to pass along the suggestion for our team as we gather wonderful items together for future Provisions collections.

Best regards,
Lauren Kelley
Customer Care Manager, Food52 & Provisions

added 9 months ago

Just a day or so ago, The Kitchn ran a list of the best kitchen items you can find at Ikea. The double boiler insert seemed popular. It sounded like a great idea to me!

added 9 months ago

I have the all clad double boiler AND the ikea one. Both work great. AND sometimes I use the old fashioned metal bowl over pot method and it is equally good (though no ability to tightly cover).