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I am having the weirdest issue with my oxo digital scale. When I put a bowl onto it and hit the button to tare it, the screen shows 0, but then starts showing negative negative weight: -1g, -2g, -5g, -8g, etc. This time it went all the way to -70g before it stopped. Has anyone seen this happen?

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Yiniverse added about 3 years ago

You should try waiting until the scale equilibrates with the weight of the bowl before hitting tare. Perhaps you are still putting weight on the bowl when you hit tare, so when your hand is removed, it decreases the weight on the scale.

Savorykitchen added about 3 years ago

yeah - that's not it (I wish it was). I've been using this scale for two-three years and it never used to do this. I've tried removing the scale top, cleaning it and replacing it - no luck.


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added about 3 years ago

I have the same one. Sometimes it acts funky (nothing like you describe though) when I've got the top covered w plastic wrap, or if the sides are touching something that I didn't notice. Also, check the batteries?? But other than that, it's a great scale. Good luck!!

Savorykitchen added about 3 years ago

I'm going to try replacing the batteries - it's my last hope! :-)

Maybe it just gave up on me after that summer of farmers' market baking. Only so many hundreds of loaves of bread allowed?

Savorykitchen added about 3 years ago

Ok all - I changed the batteries (like I should have done before) and all is well. Off to do some complex baking now that my scale is working properly again!

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