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I'm making a levain (my first, ever) using "hazy" apples, following the procedure described by William Alexander in his delightful, "52 Loaves." I started the apple and water process last night. The first step involves letting the mixture sit at room temperature for three days. But alas, I must go out of town for two days, leaving early on Friday, before the initial apple-water mixture will be ready for the next steps. Can I just put the jars in the fridge and pick it up when I get back on Sunday? (The net result will be one day out of the fridge and a bit under four days in the fridge.) Thanks so much. ;o)

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Gale added about 3 years ago

contact William Alexander and ask him - he's very nice - williamalexander.com


AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added about 3 years ago

Thanks, Gale. I just sent him a note. I'll let you know what I learn! I'd still be interested in the experiences and wisdom of others here. ;o)

Gale added about 3 years ago

I have made levains from grapes, pineapples and other fruits, but not apples - some successful and some not so much. I really cannot see a reason why refrigerating during the process would not do anything more than slow it down - probably quite a bit. But why not try it - nothing much to lose.

I loved the book, too. Great sense of humor and learned a lot from it. Interesting man.

plevee added about 3 years ago

I would leave it somewhere cooler than room temperature, but not in the fridge. You want to slow the fermentation slightly not allow one element of the culture to take over. Maybe in the garage or other unheated area?

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