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A question about a recipe: French "Peasant" Beets

I have a question about the recipe "French "Peasant" Beets" from Amy_N-B. I made these beets last night and they were to die for! If I chose not to serve w/ the cheese, what type of meat entree could I serve with this?

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Ophelia added about 3 years ago
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I'd go with a nice garlicky pork roast myself.

innoabrd added about 3 years ago

In keeping with the peasant lunch spirit, how about a selection of charcuterie? A bit of cured ham, maybe some chorizo...

Alternatively, I think it would go quite well with beef, probably something simply done, like a nice grilled steak.

Gail Hicks added about 3 years ago

Grilled lamb chops would get my vote.

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