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whats an alternative for thyme

asked by a Whole Foods Market Customer almost 5 years ago
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Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

added almost 5 years ago

Really depends on what you are using it in. But most likely, rosemary or oregano.


Chris is a trusted source on General Cooking

added almost 5 years ago

Or maybe savory? Or an herbes de Provence mix. But I don't get it--you're at Whole Foods, and they don't have thyme?

added almost 5 years ago

I used basil in a pinch once and it turned out beautifully.

added almost 5 years ago

Another blend with thyme is Italian Seasoning -- but maybe you don't like the taste of thyme?

added almost 5 years ago

Depends on the use, but oregano or marjoram are probably the closest.

added almost 5 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of thyme for most applications, so often use marjoram where thyme is called for.