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beyondcelery added about 3 years ago

I know you can buy Himalayan pink salt at Whole Foods and I believe this works for a corned beef brine. I've never corned beef myself, though.

foongfest added about 3 years ago

Himalayan pink salt is different from the 'pink salt' used for curing (also called Prague Powder No. 1). Himalayan pink salt doesn't contain nitrites that are required for curing.

Also, you are looking for nitrite, not nitrAte when making corned beef. (salts that contain a mix of nitrite and nitrates, Prague Powder No. 2 are used for slower cures such as dry cured sausage. Generally, it shouldn't be cooked at high temperatures.)

I don't usually shop at whole foods so I can't say if they have them. I would think a butcher supply store would have them. I get mine online. You can do a search for prague powder no. 1 to find an online retailer.

SKK added about 3 years ago

Mrs. Wheelbarrow has some great recipes and ideas on brining corned beef today at the site http://www.mrswheelbarrow... I found it very informative.

TiggyBee added about 3 years ago

You can get it in the food section of Sur La Table, but it'll be more expensive than if you buy it in bulk. Do you have a co-op store nearby? Not sure about the corned beef part either, but I know that pink salt is supposed to be a very pure salt, if not the purest.

foongfest added about 3 years ago

Oh yeah, by nitrite and nitrate, I mean sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. :)
(The alternative is potassium nitrate and nitrite. I don't have very much experience with that)

Hope this helps.

TiggyBee added about 3 years ago

Oops, curing salt. Misunderstood the question. I have a box of Morton's quick cure salt, but have yet to cure something!! : )

mtrelaun added about 3 years ago

Pink curing salt (aka sel rose) can be found at Le Sanctuaire online: http://bit.ly/fhU6w9

monkeymom added about 3 years ago

Thanks guys! My beef and brine are ready to go so I'm going to leave it out this time. I'll try the mail order for next time and see what the difference in taste will be. And yes, nitrite! Thanks for the correction.

puresugar added about 3 years ago

Got mine (avail in 1/2 & 1 lb) at butcherpacker.com--other curing supplies there, too. Heard about it from Ruhlman, I think.

Jennifer Ann added about 3 years ago

The Spice House, or Penzeys, has a wonderful sea salts (pink, red, black . . .) and just about any other spice or dried herb you can possible imagine - available online (or at a great little store in Milwaukee, if you happen to be around)

louie734 added about 3 years ago

Trader Joe's also carries it, in a grinder. But you can unscrew the top of it and use it unground, too.

louie734 added about 3 years ago

Oops, got excited and forgot about the curing bit. TJ's is the un-nitrite kind. Pretty, though!

latoscana added about 3 years ago

Lots of salts here: http://www.atthemeadow....


Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

added about 3 years ago

Indian grocery stores have the widest variety of salts: I have seen pink, yellow, black and gray at Kalustyan's and Patel Brothers here in NYC.

Selmelier works at Meadow, a shop that specializes in salt.

added about 3 years ago

The-meadow-wall-of-salt-s We carry pink salt. But be careful to use the same type called for in your recipe. My corned beef recipe does not call for sodium NITRATE (Prague Powder #2) but sodium NITRITE (Prague Powder #1). There's a big difference. We carry both at our shops in the West Village and in Portland, plus about 100 others.

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