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I'm in need of a new immersion blender. W-S is having a sale on the Bamix. Have heard some good things. Comments &/or other suggestions? Thx

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added about 3 years ago

I've heard really good things about the Bamix as well. People love them. I've also heard that Kitchen Aid makes a good one.

Rivka added about 3 years ago

I have the Bamix - got it as a gift to replace my $25 cheapo from BBB. So far, I'm pretty pleased. It's got 3 attachments: a chopper, a whisker, and a blender/smoother/other task-doer. The chopper is the piece that most resembles the old blender I had, and while I haven't actually used it to chop things, it does a swell job of pureeing soups, dressings, and sauces. The whisk is also great - makes whipped cream in a flash. The third attachment I haven't really figured out, so not much to add there. The cons are that the blender is much heavier than my old one, and thus harder to maneuver. Also, I haven't detected much difference between the two speeds, and I think one speed would have sufficed. That said, overall I'm quite happy.

I looked at the KitchenAid a while back, and indeed, it's pretty nice. The one downside I noticed is that the KitchenAid whisk attachment is literally a whisk, and thus bigger and more annoying to store; the Bamix whisk is a metal disk slightly larger than a quarter, and somehow it makes amazing whipped cream. Go figure.

prettyPeas added about 3 years ago

I'm interested in the answers to this question too. When I stopped by Sur la Table this weekend to look for one as a gift for my brother the saleswoman recommended the Breville--one thing it has that many others don't is a silicone edge so it won't damage pans. I don't have any non-stick, but most people do, and I occasionally worry about chipping the enamel on enameled cast iron.

Panfusine added about 3 years ago

Cuisinart has an immersion blender with a whisk & chopping attachment... Retails for about 49.00 @ crate & Barrel, eyeing it after my 15 yr old braun blender conks out ( Its still working fabulously!)

phyllis added about 3 years ago

Thanks all. I bought the Bamix Professional and will report back once I use it. I'm still interested in comments, if anyone here has any.

healthierkitchen added about 3 years ago

I am definitely curious how you like it, Phyllis. I've been going back and forth on which to buy for months, or whether to keep using my multistick that sprays everywhere. I don't think I had seen the Breville in earlier pickles on this subject.

prettyPeas added about 3 years ago

Actually, now that I've gotten home and looked at the Amazon reviews, it seems like many people find the Breville underpowered, which worries me as the saleswoman told me it was more powerful than the (cordless) Cuisinart. I, personally have an inherited corded Cuisinart that can currently be picked up for about $30 at many places. The power and blades are strong and sharp enough--it will crush flaxseeds or turn frozen banana into a smooth, creamy texture, but it has a bit too high clearance and whenever I try to make instant mango ice cream (mangy, half and half and cardamom) one piece gets stuck on the bottom, never to be pureed. Also, there is no plug by my stove, so for blend in pot soups it takes a few extra steps and potholders. I'm kind of worried about the power issue with any cordless, so let us know how the Bamix turns out. For what it's worth, Cook's Illustrated ranked the Kalorik stick mixer best, though they didn't test the Bamix.

phyllis added about 3 years ago

@prettyPeas: I researched the Kalorik, and was tempted to buy as it is considerably less expensive than the Bamix, but the reviews I read on Amazon and elsewhere convinced me not to. I have 90-days to return the Bamix, used or not, so I'll be testing it out lots in the next few weeks.

I have several outlets near my stove, but I doubt the mixer will reach, so I, too, have to move pots from stove to counter. The counter is easier to clean!!!

latoscana added about 3 years ago

This question also came up about about a month ago and here were the answers:

phyllis added about 3 years ago

@latoscana: Thanks. I should have checked. I posted there, too.

Bevi added about 3 years ago

I have been very happy with my Braun immersion blender, and for quite some time.
That said, I noticed that Cuisinart is selling an immersion blender with an assortment of attachments for a ridiculously low price at Costco. My Braun has a cord, but in all the years I have used it, I have never had a problem, except to occasionally forget that the blades must be submerged under the level of the food to be liquified!

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