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A question about a recipe: Brussels Sprouts Salad a la M. Wells

I have a question about the recipe "Brussels Sprouts Salad a la M. Wells" from amanda.
what is piment d'espelette

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added about 3 years ago

A pepper from Espelette or "Basque Country" in France. The European Union has given the pepper a protective designation, ensuring that only peppers grown in Esplette itself may be called 'Piment d' Espelette.' The heat level is similar to paprika, but the flavor is darker and smokier. You can order it online from Zingerman's. I've made this salad frequently using smoked paprika in its place and it is delicious.


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added about 3 years ago

Thanks, drbabs. You can also use cayenne or any dried hot pepper that you like -- you just need it finely ground.

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