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what substitute should I use to lightly flour my hands to shape Maida Heatters' Macaroon crescents I am making for Passover?

These cookies have egg white, ground almonds confectioners sugar and apricot jam. One needs to lightly flour hands to shape them before dipping in whole egg and rolling in sliced almonds.I thought I would use Matzo cake flour. Someone suggested almond flour. My concern about the almond flour is that there might be too many almond tastes. Do you think one needs to really use a flour subtitute or I could shape without the flour? Also weigh in on the almond flour or matzo cake flour. Thanks, Nancy

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Helen's All Night Diner added about 3 years ago

You could always just wet your hands with water each time you shape one of the macaroons. Then proceed with the recipe.

nancy druckman added about 3 years ago

Good idea, but hope it doesn't weigh down the dough


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added about 3 years ago

I would probably use potato starch to flour my hands.

Soozll added about 3 years ago

Use an ice cream/dough scoop.

friendlyoaks added about 3 years ago

Potato starch or cake meal. Potato starch would probably be better because its lighter and will add less coating to the finished macaroon.

Soozll added about 3 years ago

Sorry...forgot the rest! Use ice cream scoop, cut the mound in half and curve it using two spoons; a large one for the outside curve and a smaller one using the back of the spoon to make the inside curve. Spray the spoons with non stick spray.

nancy druckman added about 3 years ago

Thanks for such a thorough response.


innoabrd added about 3 years ago

Not sure I understand why you can't just use kosher wheat flour. The issue is the leavening, isn't it? The cake flour you're referring to is wheat as well, right? Matzo are made from wheat flour.

Sounds to me like the recipe calls for flour at that stage to give the egg something to adhere to, you're basically doing what's called a 'standard' breading. I'd use a flour of some kind or I don't think you'll get as successful a coating and outer texture.

nancy druckman added about 3 years ago

Dear Innoabrd,

I agree with you that is why I bought the mazto cake flour, which is as you describe. It is just needed to adhere. I think the other options like potato starch would be too heavy, but I was just curious about other options like almond flour.
Thanks for your comment.

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