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Cucumber and squash leaves

I wonder if cucumber leaves are edible, seeing as they are in the same plant family as winter squash, and I've seen that mentioned as a traditional edible. Anybody have a basic recipe (cooking method, time, etc.?) for these leaves? Thanks!

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Helen's All Night Diner added about 3 years ago

A friend of mine spent a year in Kenya while in the Peace Corp. He said they would cook pumpkin leaves, but didn't supply a recipe. I suspect you would be able to eat them, too.

StacyG added about 3 years ago

Cucumbers: Stems and leaves of young plants are edible in moderation. Cucumber leaves have emetic properties (they induce vomiting) when taken in large quantities. Fruits, seeds, and skin are all fully edible. via: http://www.gardensablaze...

It doesn't sound like a good idea to eat cucumber leaves!

Kitchen Butterfly added about 3 years ago

In Nigeria, we sautee pumpkin leaves and combine it with ground egusi (melon seeds, or sub crushed peanuts), to make a stew. Sometimes, we sautee it with tomatoes, onions and scotch bonnets, season with maggi stock cubes, salt, dried crayfish (or shrimps)

mainecook61 added about 3 years ago

Cucumber leaves are kinda fuzzy and un-appetizing. Striped cucumber beetles love them, however.

Bengla style added over 1 year ago

yes you can eat squash and pumpkin leaves. saute with onion, garlic oil, turmeric and red chilil powder. cook for 10 min. if you wish to add shrimp or potato it will be more delicious.

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