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How do you make fish baked in salt?

asked by @amandahesser over 5 years ago
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Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Creative Director of Food52

added over 5 years ago

Here's a fantastic recipe, with a parsley gremolata:


added over 5 years ago

I have never baked a fish in salt, but Thomas Keller has a recipe for Salt-Crusted Striped Bass in his Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. He writes that "cracking the crust is an event." He also suggests serving it with either Gremolata or Lemon Aioli.

added over 5 years ago

Basically all you do is lay your fish on a bed of salt and cover it completly with salt. I like to use kosher. All this seems to do is create a even heated croc.