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Two pounds of poppy seeds

Would love recipe suggestions - lots of poppy seeds to use!

asked by spuntino about 4 years ago
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Poppy Seed Cake in Diet for a Small Planet, an old favorite.
Poppy seed fillings for pastries from eastern Europe.
Caution: poppy seeds can go rancid. If you'll have them a long time, you could store them chilled or frozen.


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Oh yeah, I'm with susan g. First, refrigerate them all. Next, whatever you can't use very soon, freeze. They go rancid at room temp in any quantity. Once you smell that smell, you'll never forget it. Seriously, 2 pounds?!

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Yep, guys - I've got half of them in the fridge, half in the freezer...just trying to think of more interesting combinations than the usual lemon/goat cheese/etc


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use them in Indian dishes, the masala pastes that are usually made with onion, garlic coriander & cumin, Add a handful of Poppy seeds while making the paste, adds a lovely nutty component to the taste profile. Poppy seeds are an essential ingredient in Korma.

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Masala Powder : Roast/saute grated coconut & poppy seeds ,cinnamon sticks, clove ,dry chili and cardamom make a fine powder Use it for your butter masala


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At the church my parents attend the poppyseed kolaches made by the ladies keeping the Czech tradition were always great, and I'm not much of a sweets person. This recipe seems like what I remember
The filling can be used for a number of things--regular breads, sweetbreads, cookies--I can even see it working with cheese.
And of course, as a savory person, I favor indiscriminate sprinkling on crackers/ breads.