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I really love mole sauce with pork enchiladas. And here is a recipe from food52 that looks wonderful:

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Here's a vegetarian one that's been on my list to try:

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Mole is the best! It goes elegantly with duck, for one, and you can serve it as a bed for pink slices of pork filet, spinkled with lavendar... ;) Also, I've discoved it is a beautiful addition to an unusual version of devilled eggs: instead of mayonaise, use mole and sprinkle with a tiny bot of chopotle chili powder ehere you might use paprika in the common version. Enjoy it!

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I like it over grilled shrimp or sea bass. The rich flavor of the mole goes surprisingly well with seafood.

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Thank you for your wonderful ideas.


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Chickpea meatballs! http://princessveggie.blogspot...

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Instead of pork or chicken adobo, make pork mole. It adds a nice touch when you simmer it.

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I make deconstructed "fish tacos." I saute shrimp in butter/oil and garlic, a little lime juice at the end. I serve it with polenta and suteed green beans. I put a thin coating of mole all over the plate, then place creamy polents, overlap with the shrimp, beans next to it. Serve additional mole on the side.


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Anything you can/would do to a boneless, skinless chicken breast can be easily adapted to prok chops or fillets of sturdy white fleshed fish. This widens the playing field by oodles of options for easy, weeknight dinners. And mole goes wonderfully with all of these.

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There are many different kind of moles but you can use any leftover one to marinate firm fish, make enchiladas or usi it instead of beans to spread for tostadas.

Anither wonderful thing to do is to cook other times directly in the mole. Heat the mole once its ready so it's bubbling softly. Add shrimp or pieces of fish (you can use fish or chicken broth when preparing the mole) and turn off the heat after 2 minutes so it continues cooking with recidual heat.

One last idea is to thin it out a bit and cook eggs directly on the mole. Put them in individual dishes, break the eggs and bake. Top with queso fresco.