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Any ideas to incorporate some basil pesto and/or roasted tomato pesto in a bread/flatbread/bagel?

Dang, I didn't add tags, so my pickle didn't post. I have some short dated fresh stuff I got for cheap. I still can freeze it. I just didn't have enough time to look into this and I haven't made anything savory except plain breads.I do need to make a batch of bagels for a friend now or tomorrow.

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Any sort of focaccia is delicious with pesto schmeared on top! Its basically just a cheeseless pizza, covered ith pest or even just with olive oil, salt and resemary elaves in stead of tomato and mozzarella.

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This is my family's favorite sandwich.

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Take your bread dough, roll it out into a rectangle, spread with pesto, and roll tightly into a loaf. Then let it rise and bake as usual. You get a lovely spiral. I have done something similar from The New York Times Cook Book (Craig Claiborne). Probably would work with bagel dough, worth experimenting. I don't know if it would leach out while boiling -- maybe just a line down the middle of the dough, sealed in before shaping the rings.
Lovely dilemma to be in!


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The best way to incorporate it into bagel dough is to just knead it right in at the end of the kneading period. Sounds wonderful, by the way, your convenient embarrassment of riches.


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This past week the LA Times "Master Class" featured Nancy Silverton, the undisputed Queen of Dough, specifically on the subject of foccaccia Her pizzas at Mozza are best I've tasted in the US.