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A question about a recipe: Rhubarb Ginger Downside-Up Oatmeal Cake

i want to make this for my dad's birthday breakfast, but i would have to bake it the night before. can someone who has made this (or something similar) let me know if it is still just as good the next day?

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thirschfeld added almost 3 years ago

It is not as good. You could have every thing measured out, chopped and ready to go but keep dry and wet separate.. really it assembles easily and depending on your time constraints could bake it the morning of.

healthierkitchen added almost 3 years ago

We actually liked the leftovers quite alot. It was syrupier and messier, but still delicious.

thirschfeld added almost 3 years ago

Yes Healthierkitchen I do agree I like it gooey-er on day 2 but it is definitely left over, so to speak


Brette is the Managing Editor of Food52.

added almost 3 years ago

thanks to you both - made it this morning and it was a huge hit!

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