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NEED HELP!!!! Are baby red dandelion greens tender enough to eat raw? and do they taste the same as the green ones?

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Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

added almost 3 years ago

Have you tasted a leaf? If not, taste one and see what you think!

brandon added almost 3 years ago

If I could taste one right now, I wouldn't need to post a question on food pickle.


Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

added almost 3 years ago

I just used some in a salad at work today and they are tender and good raw. But you should mix them with other greens to cut the bitterness. It is nice in moderation but not as the base of a salad...unless you are really into aggressive flavors. Also, lighten up! We're all just trying to help :)

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