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Pasta sauce way too hot!

I started a red pasta sauce with ground turkey sausage this morning and dumped about 3/4 cup of chopped chilies in adobo into the pot, mistakenly thinking it was leftover tomato sauce with red bell peppers.!!! I added some tomato puree, but when I got home for lunch and tasted it, it was still too hot. Cooked up some red lentils and some chopped carrots and added that. But I'm thinking it will still be too hot to eat tonight. Any suggestions on toning down the chilies without making the sauce too watery?

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ImprovCuisine added almost 3 years ago

Since you have already added lentils I would go with a Mediteranean theme. Add lemon, serve with farro, and top with plain yogurt or creme fraiche.


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added almost 3 years ago
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I would make a second batch w/o the chipotles and combine the two batches. Portion out what you need for supper and freeze the rest. Dilution is the solution, though probably not what you want to hear.

LucyS added almost 3 years ago

More olive oil or tomatoes. Or, if you want to change courses entirely, add yoghurt or a creamy product (cream, creme fraiche, sour cream) and call it a vodka sauce variant.

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