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How do you cook dried hominy?

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jwolfsthal added almost 3 years ago

You treat hominy generally as you would beans. An overnight or 6-8 hour soak will soften them up or you can put on the stove covered with water and simmer a few hours until soft. If soaking, I do change the water, something I do not do with beans as Hominy are generally treated with lye.

Lots of good recipies for Pozole floating aroudn, in my humble opinion, the reason god made Hominy was for Pozole.

Stephanie G added almost 3 years ago

Deborah Madison's Pozole recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is a classic. It is delicious, easy, and filling. Heidi Swanson did a version you can access here:


mnr_t added almost 3 years ago

Completely agree on the posole recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone! I have great luck cooking the hominy in a pressure cooker after a 20-min soak. It still takes over an hour to split and get the "floral" look -- but it is so much better than canned hominy!!!

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