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A question about a recipe: Okonomiyaki

These look fantastic. Any special type of cabbage? Napa? Plain old green? thanks

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Midge added almost 3 years ago

Thanks! I use green cabbage, but it might be interesting to experiment with different kinds.

Lexmccall added almost 3 years ago

"okonomiyaki" was translated to me as "whatever you like, fried," so I'd imagine that any type of cabbage would be great. Green or red, chinese, napa--whatever is handy.

SKK added almost 3 years ago

@lexmccall - thanks for the translation! I have loved okonomiyake for years, ever since my first travels to Japan. We eat it at little cafes where we sit around a table with a griddle in the middle and each make our own with whatever ingredients we choose. Now it all makes sense. Midge's recipe is the easiest I have seen, and I love it.

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