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A question about a recipe: Blondies -- Gluten-Free and Completely Delicious

I am really excited to try this out, but as I am still learning about GF baking, I have a question about the texture of almond flour. I typically use Bob's Red Mill almond meal/flour - is the Honeyville Farms brand texture even finer?

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nishis added almost 3 years ago

Yes definitely which, I think, helps avoid the "grainy / dry" associated with gluten-free.
Here is an interesting link on this very topic: http://www.gluten-free...

vivanat added almost 3 years ago

thank you! I did not even know there were other options available.

Eloise added almost 3 years ago

One of the things to consider in doing gluten-free recipies in that many folks who are gluten-intolerant are also nut and dairy intolerant. I prefer the 1/3 rice flour, 1/3 tapioca, 1/3 gluten-free oat flour triad with palm-fruit shortening; you still get a light texture and moist brownie.

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