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I'm a coffee purist, so I wouldn't add flavors, but a little vanilla might be nice if you like the taste in your coffee.

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cardamom & orange peel

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Cardamom!!!! Freshly crushed seeds of the green. That's my go to with coffee. Or saigon cinnamon with orange zest


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Loved the recipe as is but I did make my own version. I used cinnamon, half&half and agave instead of brown sugar. It was delectable.

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My sister-in-law makes a holiday coffee grog that call for cardomom, orange peel, cinammon, allspice berries and sugar. I have since used those ingredients in my cold-brewed coffee concentrate (similar to this recipe). I then freeze the concentrate in ice cube trays. I also use it as a base for very delicious ice pops and icecream.

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Once when I thought I was out of cinnamon (horrors!) I added ground ginger and a little vanilla extract. Not bad for an improvisation! I have a feeling that if you have a good understanding of the kinds of spices you like, you can't screw this up :)

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Cinnamon + ground cloves + ginger is what's in my first batch. Tomorrow morning, I'll try it straight to see what else I can add next time. I'm sure I'll add some coconut milk as my "cream" though.

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For my iced coffee, I make a simple syrup and add a teaspoon of vanilla to a cup and a half of syrup, which I then keep in a bottle I have repurposed from some other condiment. When I make a glass of coffee, I use about a teaspoon of simple syrup to 12 oz. coffee. I've also added a bit of lemon zest--that was nice-- and I've added a bit of peppermint extract with chocolate syrup in the winter instead of any simple syrup for sweetening.