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A question about a recipe: Chewy Sugar Cookies #2

I have a question about the ingredient "sea salt" on the recipe "Chewy Sugar Cookies #2" from mrslarkin.
Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I'm really looking forward to making these cookies, and wasn't sure what kind of sea salt is used (fine, coarse, etc.). Can I use regular table salt instead? and if so, should I use the same amount, or less?
Thank you!

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Hummusit added over 2 years ago

Yes, you can use table salt, in the same amount (or a little less if it seems like a lot to you)

CarlaCooks added over 2 years ago

I would start with half the amount, taste, and go from there. The measurements for the recipe aren't in weight, but if they were,1 teaspoon sea salt weighs much less than 1 teaspoon table salt.

mics added over 2 years ago

Thank you for your kind replies!
I'll use the smaller amount, and take it from there.

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