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Can anyone suggest a recipe for an Asian-flavored aspic or jellied salad to accompany a pork dish?

I'd like to combine lemongrass, lime (juice and/or zest), mint, basil flavors with some fruit—mango, melon, grapes?—for a cool side dish to accompany a Chinese-flavored noodle and vegetable salad with grilled pork tenderloin. Can't find any recipe but the combination seems to make sense. Thank you!

asked by Island guy over 3 years ago
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added over 3 years ago

The Times ran this recipe last year - I haven't tried it. You can buy the ready-made acorn flour at Korean markets in Queens. Look on line for recipies for 'Dotorimuk'

added over 3 years ago

Many thanks, CookOnTheFly. This looks like it might work!