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Spiral Slicer

I bought a spiral slicer. I am finding lots of "raw recipes" . Does anyone have more ideas?? I have used it to make long curly sweet potato fries.... more ideas are welcome.

asked by RecipeAddict about 3 years ago
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Oh try this...I'll post my Not So Tornado Fries Next


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Not So Tornado Potatoes

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I have one.
I do like zucchini spiral sliced in threads. But, not raw. just slightly sauteed.
For side dishes for sushi or shashimi, reddish threads and carrot threads. With the daikon radishes as a raw garnish.
Even for 'American' radishes it still works well as a garnish.
Using the small toothed blade, one potato will make a couple of nice fried pancakes, dust with a little cornstarch and pile up. It's like a very quick hash brown breakfast dish. I treat those like hashbrowns (IE: Ketchup). The small threads cook very quickly and are very crispy.

I most always use the toothed blade to make threads instead of the spiral cut option.
But have made fried 'chips' with the spiral option. But I prefer my cheap mandolin for those slices...the spiral slicer really does well for 'threads' or veggies.

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I second zucchini! Put some fresh, garden tomato raw sauce on it and you'll swear you're eating a big ol' plate of pasta!

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I did not care for the raw zucchini, in the threads with tomato sauce. That's my tastes tho.
But when I just slightly cooked the zucchini, a bit of olive oil, spices..a touch of garlic.
It really came together for me.

I had the same problem googling for spiral slicer most of them are used for raw foods. Which is great and fine for some--and garnishing etc.

Tho, I could imagine a nice carrot salad in threads, with a blue cheese dressing and celery slices (humm...I might try that one this weekend).

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Carrots, parsnips, by Mrs. Larkin.
Can use a grater also, but I loved using my spiral slicer even though the strips weren't as long.

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thanks! have tried most of above. Will try the olive oil and garlic... and cilantro.. hmmm cilantro! :-)