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Ii'm new to this site. Where can I find nutritional values for the recipies?

asked by wishilikedtocook about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

The recipes here do not contain nutritional values, and though I do not want to speak on behalf of Food52, I believe I can say this is intentional. The idea here is to share good food from home cooks, where good food is more about good ingredients and respect for the integrity of those ingredients, rather than fat content and calorie info. I think the general idea is that all things are good in moderation, and it's probably easy enough to figure out, based on an ingredient list, what fits your personal lifestyle and what does not, what you'd want to eat on a nightly bases and what you may want to reserve for a once in a while splurge. You may also want to look at this post, which Amanda wrote a while back.