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Porcelain Enamelware Cups


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Editors (or Community) Picks links

Getting to the newest Community Picks for a given contest--the link takes me to a general page with lots of recent featured recipes, not necessarily contest-related. But to get to the latest E.P'S I have to go up to "contests" in the heading and click around....will there be a direct link eventually?

asked by creamtea about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

I found the posts through the recent blog entries www.food52.com/blog that way you can go right to the contest you are interest in.


Chris is a trusted source on General Cooking

added about 3 years ago

This has been a problem for me too. I thought I'd figured it out by going through "Contests," but I just tested it again, and it didn't work.


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added about 3 years ago

Unfortunately, there is no tab for the blog, so if a user didn't know that's where the list was, well, you get my drift. I recently went to the Contests page, and the current list was there.

Amanda Hesser

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added about 3 years ago

We're working on this -- stay tuned!