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Any recommendations for a mortar and pestle? I think it is time I invest in one bigger than the tiny one I have which is only good for grinding a tablespoon or so of spices at a time. I would like one roomy enough to make a sauce/pesto in which also does a great job at grinding spices.

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Bevi added over 3 years ago

Hi melissav - I love my tine porcelain mortar and pestle, and I agree that it does not hold much. I did find this porcelain model that comes in a 20 oz. size:


Bevi added over 3 years ago

Mortar_and_pestle Here's a jpg.

Abra Bennett added over 3 years ago

I love my Mexican molcajete. It's made from a black stone, I think it's volcanic, and it's very large, holding about a cup and a half. Because the stone is rough and porous it grinds things up easily and I love to make salsas and serve them directly from the molcajete, which looks really cool on the table.

Mr_Vittles added over 3 years ago

I have a few M&P's, but my favorite one is my cast iron mortar and pestle by Typhoon. I would recommend it because it is very heavy, which makes quick work of spices and the like, and will not chip as easily as porcelain or rock. I also was always a little worried about eating the dust that occurs when you grind in a porcelain mortar, I know it is probably inert but it still worried me. This one by Typhoon is my pick.


RavensFeast added over 3 years ago

I really love the Japanese mortar & pestle because the interior texture helps grind things quickly:

betteirene added over 3 years ago

Here are two links. The first is a couple of sentences by Rick Bayless about why he loves his molcajete, and the second is the one he recommends. It holds three cups.



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