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Has anyone frozen homemade panna cotta? How did you wrap it? How did it do? Thanks!

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nzle added about 2 years ago

I'm curious to hear what happened if you did it! Because panna cotta is set with gelatin, it's generally not a good idea to freeze it -- the liquids will separate during freezing and won't defrost properly.

bella s.f. added about 2 years ago

Hi, Nozlee. After hearing from a couple of people that it wasn't advisable to freeze the panna cotta, I didn't want to take the chance of ruining something so yummy. We were forced, oh Mon Dieu!, to eat them all. I want to try and cut the recipe down so that we are not "forced" to eat all of them ourselves. Since the recipe calls for one envelope of gelatin, I could try to divide it in half, or see if I can purchase gelatin somewhere where it is sold in bulk. It just seems that it would be difficult to divide something that already weighs next to nothing in half.

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