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Urgent! I need help with a conversion. My receipe calls for 4.75 oz (dry) of flour. I dont have a scale. How many cups do I need?

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Does the recipe call for unsifted or sifted flour?
If it's unsifted AP flour it's 5 oz per cup, or in your case a cup minus 3 T
If it's sifted AP flour it's 4 oz per cup, or in your case a cup plus 3 T

Droplet added over 2 years ago

An equal volume of different kinds of flour will vary by weight. Pastry flour is lighter than AP flour, and AP flour is lighter than whole wheat flour. The 4.75 oz could also be 1 cup pastry flour, or 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, whatever the recipe is for. That being said, recipes that give ingredients amounts in grams and ounces usually do so becuse they require higher precision, and sometimes it's a little hard to convert with exactness to volume measurements.

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