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Hi, not sure if I should cover the halibut with tinfoil? if not, where should it be positioned in the oven for perfect baking? Thank you!!!

asked by laurakelso about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

More important than aluminum foil is : how thick is your fish? What temperature is your oven? I like to prepare halibut in the oven because that method is more forgiving for such a lean fish. You have to be VERY careful not to overcook it. Rule of thumb is about 10 minutes for each inch of thickness. You do not have to use aluminum foil unless you are following a recipe for cooking each portion of fish in packets. My favorite (junky but delicious) way is to coat it with mayonnaise (you can season the mayo with dill or garlic or lemon zest or a little bit of sriracha, etc) and then cover the halibut with CRUSHED POTATO CHIPS! There, I said it. Naturally, the better the quality of mayo and chips, the better the result. The oil in both ingredients is good on this lean fish. Bake in the middle of a 400 F oven (425F high altitude) according to how thick your fish is. Check it by poking it with a thin, sharp knife to see if it is the done-ness you prefer. Be careful not to overcook!

If you cannot abide by the mayo and chips coating, you can always use pesto and nice bread crumbs.

added about 4 years ago

Laura - sorry, I answered your question without reading your first question below it. No, do not cover the halibut with foil. Put it in the middle of the oven. I would never bake it for 25 minutes because by the time it flakes easily with a fork, it is dried out. Start checking much earlier.