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A question about a recipe: Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird)

I have a question about the recipe "Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird)" from Genius Recipes. I just finished salting at 11:30. I don't have a plastic bag. It is in a smallish roasting pan covered with plastic wrap and a towel. Will this work? I seriously doubt I'll find extra large ziploc bags in my neighborhood.

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Natalie is a recipe tester for Food52.

added over 2 years ago

Try to get the seal as airtight as you can without a plastic bag and looks like you should be good!


Kristen is the Senior Editor of Food52

added over 2 years ago

It the plastic wrap sealed tightly? You should be fine. I wrapped mine in lots of layers of plastic wrap this week, since a bag wasn't in the cards for me either -- which was actually pretty fun.

EmilyC added over 2 years ago

The press-and-seal type of plastic wrap worked wonders for me.

creamtea added over 2 years ago

thanks, as I thought, I ran out and no large zipper bags at the most likely source. It's been transferred to a roasting bag squeezed as much as possible.

I didn't use the full complement of salt because I'm chicken with turkeys. Excuse the poultry pun. Hope it works.

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