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We’re thrilled to introduce new features designed to personalize your Food52 experience and keep you better connected with your cooking community.

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Organize. Curate. Favorite.

Collections aren’t just for recipes anymore. Now you can collect beautiful goods for your kitchen wishlist, or useful how-tos for techniques you’ve always wanted to learn—and you get to decide how to organize all of it. If you’re on the go, just favorite what you like—it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

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Just for you.

Keep track of your favorite recipes, products, and collections—and those of your friends—with personalized email digests. Your newsletter will include updates from your network and recommendations based on the things you love.

Everywhere you go.

No matter the device, you’ll be able to save, favorite, collect, and follow anything and anyone on Food52—whenever inspiration strikes.

Connect with your Food52.

These new features are just one more way food is bringing all of us together. Get inspired by some of our community’s new and improved collections, and then start some of your own! #myFood52