Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Welcome! We think you’ll find the Food52 community one of the smartest, nicest, most fun places on the internet—a rare oasis where we can engage in spirited debate and learn from each other, even when we disagree.

Will you help us keep it that way? Please review the following and then start sharing your wisdom!

  • Food52 works best when we’re kind and inclusive. Being kind doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything you read here—on the contrary, we welcome differences of opinion. Choose your words carefully, be considerate of others, and keep the conversation in the realm of respectful debate and constructive criticism. Or just kudos, pats-on-the-back, and helpful suggestions—we love those!
  • Our comment policy is pretty simple: If a comment thread starts to devolve from respectful critique and difference of opinion into name-calling or aggression, someone from the Food52 team will gently remind the commenters that this isn’t acceptable behavior, and ask for a change in tone.
  • If a comment thread veers into hate speech, threats, harassment, abuse, or offensive personal statements, we reserve the right to remove any offensive comment—with or without a warning. We might read your comment out loud in a video montage too, Jimmy Kimmel-style, depending on how plucky we’re feeling that day. At that point, we also reserve the right to ban the users who have made those comments.
  • Food52 is dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe space for everyone, regardless of age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, or ability to julienne vegetables.
  • We want our reviews to be fair, relevant and trustworthy: We reserve the right to hide a review if it doesn't pertain to the specific product, contains offensive language or if the customer hasn't received the product yet.

If you have concerns about something you see on the site—whether in a comment or within our own content—please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Eat thoughtfully, live joyfully….and comment kindly!