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April 15, 2014

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Today: We're getting fresh -- fresh and clean that is.

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Around this time every year, days get sunnier and the air feels warmer. And everyone is talking about spring cleaning.

After a cold, dark winter, we’re all for throwing open the doors and freshening up our houses. And while an annual spring clean is all well and good, wouldn’t it be nice if that tidiness stuck around?

If you’re going through all the trouble (and heavy lifting!) of a really deep clean, why not spend some time thinking about how to maintain the result? Here’s our plan: Outfit our homes with some clever products that help us stay organized with minimal effort.

Yes, this requires some foresight. Yes, this means you might have to kick your plastic bag habit. And yes, this means a little extra work every day. But we think that investing some time now will pay off later.


Try using an all-purpose cleaner on your countertops once a day, so they never get too grimy. Ditch all the half-open bags of flour and cereal, and store them in matching stainless steel canisters to organize messy cabinets. If your junk drawer is hopelessly crammed, put knick-knacks like rubber bands, matchbooks, and safety pins in pretty porcelain jars for easy access.

Here’s to uncluttered weeks ahead!

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