How to Choose a Wedding Gift

April 22, 2014

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- and we don't want you to miss out on the fun.

Today: Wedding season is upon us, and we're finding gifts worthy of the occasion.

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Wedding registries are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you know you’re giving something that the couple specifically wants. On the other hand, it starts feeling unoriginal to wrap up yet another set of flatware. And for our nearest and dearest, we’d really love to offer a present that does their union justice -- and celebrates such a momentous life step.

We totally get behind the idea of a gift to help start a home, or build a kitchen -- they should fill their newlywed days with good meals! But we need ways to riff on this theme. Instead of classic serveware, give a hand-thrown porcelain bowl in a slightly unusual shape. Give Swedish-inspired patterned dessert plates. Package up some shiny vintage copper cookware -- it’ll function as art when not in use. 


A wedding is all about the love, so we’ve decided the best gift-giving tactic is to collect pieces we’ve fallen for (shop our Wedding collection here). If you love it, and you love them, by our math, they’ll love it too.

And if you're one of the lucky ones tying the knot this summer, listen up! We've recently added a wish list feature to the site -- you can now save products to a collection by clicking on the "save" button on any product page (shown in the example below), so round up everything you love, save it to a new collection (here's one of ours), and send it to your guests. They'll give something unique, and you'll get something gorgeous. How's that for a match made in heaven?


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Lauren April 22, 2014
I really think this article is distasteful. As someone who got married a year ago, there was nothing more frustrating than off-registry gifts by people trying to impart their style on my husband and I. If someone knows you well enough to know you've been dreaming of that porcelain bowl, that's one thing. But in general I find very few people are able to make that decision and a registry isn't just a haphazardly assembled list. It should be made with consideration to what is needed and what will benefit the lives of the newly married people. Especially in a day and age where even if a specific store doesn't offer a registry there are websites that allow an amalgamation of items from different stores to be presented as one registry. Choosing something from it should be looked at it as a loving contribution to that union. And giving someone something off-registry with the possibility of them being able to return it is downright tacky. If you're going to go it alone you better be so sure there is no chance you're wrong. (And the thought of telling them they can try to work with a company to resolve a final sale item they don't like is beyond inconsiderate - that's giving a belabored chore, not a gift.)
Posie (. April 23, 2014
Hi Lauren, we appreciate your thoughts on the subject -- especially the perspective from someone who has been through the process of receiving wedding gifts. The new feature to save favorite products means that someone getting married can put together a collection of what they want, so they can assemble a thoughtful list of what they need or like. Beyond that, we know that weddings come in many different forms, and not all of them are traditional or have registries, so we wanted to talk about ways to think about gifts for such an important occasion, even if you don't have the option of choosing from a registry. We don't want any part of this process to be a chore, which is why we have a dedicated customer satisfaction team who are happy to help you with any issues at all! As I said, we want to make sure everyone's happy! This collection isn't for everyone, but it's there for those who are looking for unique, hand-picked gifts.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 22, 2014
I would love to shop at Provisions for gifts, but the final sale worries me. What if the recipient doesn't like it?
Posie (. April 22, 2014
We hear you! Honestly, we really think the pieces we source for Provisions are all great, and we'd hope that you'd find a gift that you know someone is going to fall in love with. That being said, if you ever run into a big issue with a product, we are always happy to chat so please reach out-- we want everyone to be happy with what they've got!