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Our Best Kitchen Tools

April 24, 2014

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- and we don't want you to miss out on the fun.

Today: There’s a lot of kitchen gear out there -- here’s how we find what we need.

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Some people say they hate to play favorites. Well, we love to play favorites, especially when it comes to our kitchen; we like to pare down our possessions to truly stand-out equipment. Maybe it's the lasagna pan that you use every Sunday night. Maybe it’s the enamel pot for your morning oatmeal. Maybe it’s a wooden spoon that can take endless beating and heat.

Our kitchen tool roster is a mix of tried-and-true favorites and exceptional products that make cooking simpler and cleaner. Mini spatulas for scooping batter from the nooks and crannies of oddly-sized pans. A melon baller for coring apples, hollowing out filled cupcakes for frosting, seeding spaghetti squash, and more. A sharp-edged biscuit cutter that can shape cookies, stencil cake decorations, as well as form classic flaky biscuits.


Our advice on outfitting your kitchen (and avoiding clutter): Find dishes that you’ll use over and over again. Get basic tools like measuring spoons, oven mitts, and the like. Think about what you like to cook and bake, and buy tools that will help you out. If you like baking, you need spatulas. If you’re a handmade pasta type of person, find a very good rolling pin.

Over at Provisions, we’ve sourced a collection of gadgets we consider essential. Our criteria: beautiful, well-designed, and built to last.

What are your favorite kitchen tools? Tell us in the comments!

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