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3 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Refresh

October  1, 2014

It’s not practical to redecorate your entire house four times a year, but a few fall updates can make it feel connected to the season. The trick is to take a cue from nature without overdosing on the traditional red-orange-yellow palette.

Just pick one of those warmer colors, combine it with something from the cool end of the spectrum, and you're done. This fall I decided to use yellow and green, two colors that you find everywhere outside, but look bright and fresh and when you isolate them and bring them inside. 

Hands-off Redecorating: The leaves on our Magnolia Wreath curl the more they dry and turn a tawnier brown.

Perishability is key with seasonal decorating—the idea is to embrace what's seasonal and of the moment, enjoy it, and then let it go. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, you'll love it more if you know it’s fleeting.

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Here are some easy-to-implement tips to give your home a fall refresh:

Pick up a wreath for the front door. 

I like this one from Studio Choo, who wrote the book on how to create sculptural arrangements, including wreaths made from natural outdoor elements. If you don’t have the patience to make your own, feel free to buy something that appeals to you. Be open to unusual elements (feathers, berries, fruit), and go as large as you can. Bigger is better to fill the space on a door.


Get fresh flowers from a CSF (a community-supported flower subscription) and take inspiration from what arrives.

One of the best parts of my week is Friday, when the Flora Cultural Society drops off my flower subscription; they fill vases with whatever is blooming in their Oakland garden (right now it’s hellebores and hydrangea).

Looking at the citrine and emerald tones in my flowers this past week, I decided to use a bright yellow vintage Holmgaard vase filled with oversized leaves to emphasis the yellow (using something vintage or one-of-a-kind makes the arrangement really stand out). When you've got a mix of flowers, pick one bright color and make it the star.

I love symmetry and am always looking for handsome pairs of things. For instance, the sofa table in my living room (pictured above) is anchored by two antique lamps. I added maidenhair ferns at their feet, some citrine hydrangea, and a fancy candle.

Again, it’s about picking up on brightness and light, instead of hitting you over the head with fall colors.

Blanket yourself. 

Finally, here's some classic decorator advice about new pillows and throws: Instead of swapping out pillows, add a blanket to make a chair feel fresh. This lovely peridot hued throw from Swan's Island will last forever. West Elm has a tasteful ombre version that is affordable and will hold up for approximately three fleeting, cozy months.

Tell us, do you redecorate for a new season? 

First 3 photos by Mark Weinberg; bottom photo by Chloe Warner

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