Onion and Red Pepper Confit

September 10, 2010

See A&M make Onion and Red Pepper Confit by drbabs, one of the finalists for Your Best Red Pepper Recipe. Roasting and peeling red peppers can be a messy task -- leave it to these two to come up with the tidiest conceivable method.

This week's videos were shot and edited by talented filmmaker Elena Parker.

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greenchilemaven January 31, 2012
I double or even triple paper toweling and completely dampen it. Then place the roasted pepper of any kind inside that by folding it over with the chile(s) inside. Then that goes into a plastic bag of any kind and gets closed. This does the steaming without the chile touching the plastic. Can use a recycled bag from the produce department you have brought home and rinsed out.
Carol W. December 12, 2011
This is my first post, but I roast a lot of peppers because I love them so much and had a few thoughts -- I always use a small paper bag instead of plastic (I try to avoid using plastic wherever possible). When I'm ready to peel, I tear open the bag to have a flat surface to work on like Amanda and Merrill do with the plastic. It works the same way, just a little big "greener." Also, kitchen scissors work wonders at cutting up the peppers -- I trim around the stem end, pull that out, with most of the seeds, then cut the peppers into the size slices I want. Give it a try!
Love this site, by the way. It's so much fun. And I'm amazed by the creativity of this community of home cooks. Best, Carol
Droplet October 20, 2011
I always fill a small bowl of water and put it by my side when I peel roasted peppers to dip my fingers in. It works great.
Droplet October 20, 2011
Sorry for the double post. Keys stuck and I thought I can manage to edit before it posts...
Droplet October 20, 2011
I always fill a small bowl of water andput it bymy side when I peel roasted peppers to dip my fingers in. It works great.
lrgrush September 10, 2010
Great job, Dr. Babs!
drbabs September 10, 2010
What a thrill it is to see the two of you making a recipe of MINE! Thank you so much for this.
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
It was our pleasure!
Rhonda35 September 10, 2010
How could it not be good with sherry vinegar in it? I think that is one of my favorite vinegars. Looking forward to trying this - it sounds like it would be yummy with some grilled pork chops.