Search, Fanning Other Cooks and Saving Recipes

September 21, 2009

We wanted to let you know that we're aware that the Recipe Search isn't working as it should (the Contest Winners and Editors' Picks filters function properly, but that's about it), and that it will be fixed very soon. For now, we've renamed it the Magical Randomizer, but we look forward to the time when it reclaims its identity as a helpful Recipe Search. We'll keep you posted.

Not sure if you've noticed but on your Profile Page, along with your recipes there is a section called "Fans." Here, anyone who has "fanned" you will show up, as well as anyone you've chosen to be a fan of. You can fan someone by going to any profile page and and clicking on "Be My Fan" in the left margin.

Becoming a fan of someone on the site makes it easier to keep up with their latest recipes, photos and video. And it's just the first part of a set of social features we'll be implementing. For instance, soon you'll be able to receive email alerts any time someone comments on your recipes.

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Also, while we're on this profile section of the site, here's another feature we'd like to highlight: Saved Recipes. You can save any recipe on food52 and have it stored on your profile page along with your own recipes. Just go to a recipe you like and click on Save Recipe in the left margin.

That's enough from us -- we'd love to hear from you about features you'd like on the site. We're all ears!

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mainecoon September 11, 2013
Okay. I don't mind sounding stupid. How do I get to my saved recipes? The article says they are on my profile page. do I find my profile page?
Kelsey B. September 21, 2009
I know I am in the minority here, but I am not an iphone person. I simply can't tear myself away from my Blackberry (plus, watching my husband wait 48 hours for vm on his iphone isn't exactly an endorsement for the product). Anyway, for us lowly blackberry users can there be a feature where the recipe is emailed to us somehow? I would love that! If not, no worries, just a thought in case there are one or two more of us out there... On another note, I love all the features of this site, esp where I can save recipes and use the print or cook view - I've already made quite a few of the dishes at home with much success!
Merrill S. September 22, 2009
As a Blackberry user myself, I totally get where you're coming from. Do you just want the recipe emailed to you, or do you want a shopping list? If it's the former, have you checked out the "Share Recipe" button on the left side of each recipe page? You can email any recipe to yourself!