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How to Make a Leather Catch-All

March 13, 2015

As satisfying as a well-written recipe, a smart and thoughtful DIY is our kind of lunch break reading. Bonus points if it's an easy project AND teaches us how to make something beautiful.

Today: Laura Kaesshaefer shares her tutorial from The Everygirl on how to make a perfect leather catch-all for whatever's cluttering your desktop.

I've been noticing lately that leather catch-alls are abundant in home décor stores, and with good reason: They're equal parts useful and beautiful. Many are accompanied by a hefty price tag when, in reality, they can be made at home for about $10 each. This weekend, gather the below supplies and knock out a few! Your loose coins, often-misplaced keys, and favorite lip gloss will thank you. (They also make great gifts!)

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DIY Leather Catchall

What You'll Need:

8 1/2-inch by 11-inch sheets of leather, various colors available here. *Note: For the lighter tan, square catch-all, you'll need to trim this piece into a 6 1/2-inch square. The large rectangular catch-all measures 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches (so do nothing!).
Double cap rivets, 4 per catch-all, available in pack of 12 here
Leather punch, available for here, or Japaneses screw punch, available for here
White colored pencil or marker
(You can use a rivet setter, but a hammer works just as well.)
Cutting mat
Sharp scissors 

DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer  DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer

How to Make Your Leather Catch-All

1. Use the white marker to create two dots at each corner (eight dots total) of your leather piece. Starting at the lower right-hand corner, mark a dot 1 1/2 inches north and 1/2 inches west of the corner, and then another at the reverse of those coordinates. Turn and repeat on all four corners of your leather piece. (You'll be punching into these dots -- and therefore removing them -- so don't worry about visibility on your catch-all once it's finished. You won't see them!)

2. Punch away! Using your screw punch or leather punch, punch a hole through all eight dots. Work on a cutting mat or protected surface.

DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer  DIY Leather Catchall by Laura Kaesshaefer

3. Place the piece of leather so that the side you want in the bowl of your catch-all is facing up. Affix a double cap rivet onto each corner by placing the long end of the rivet first underneath the leather, and then threading it through both holes. Meet with the other end of the rivet and snap in place. 

DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer  DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer

4. Turn the now-gathered corner on one side and hammer the rivet three to five times to secure. 

DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer  DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer

5. Repeat on all four corners, and your catch-all is finished! Place it on top of your desk, the kitchen island, or on a piece of furniture in your foyer and look forward to never losing your keys again.

DIY Leather Catchall by Laura Kaesshaefer  DIY Leather Catchall Laura Kaesshaefer

Like this look but don't have the time this weekend? We've got you covered.

Photos by Laura Kaesshaefer

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