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1 Ceramic Hanging Planter, Styled 4 Ways

April 15, 2015

Today: Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow, Tara Heibel of Sprout Home, Emily Henderson of Style by Emily Henderson, and Mallory Joyce of Mallory Joyce Designs share the four very different ways they'd use our exclusive Pigeon Toe hanging planter in their own homes. May their arrangements inspire you!

A hanging planter is elegant and useful—in theory, allowing for innovative arrangements that take up less precious space in your home. But planting them is not always so intuitive, so we enlisted some great designers to show us the way. While their looks vary, each arrangement relies on plants in a range of heights and textures, taking advantage of the space above and below the planter bowl.

Whether you're sprucing up for entertaining, need some inspiration for wedding décor, or just want to fill a lonely corner in your home, these clever arrangements are here to brighten your day.

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Pigeon Toe Justina Blakeney The Jungalow Hanging Planter  Hanging Planter Justina Blakeney The Jungalow
Justina Blakeney, boho-chic artist and designer in L.A., blogger at The Jungalow, and author of The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes (just out yesterday!) says: 

"I love to plant long, sculptural plants in hanging planters. Here I used just two plants: a fishhook succulent, which needs lots of sun but is very low-maintenance, accented with little dried billy balls for some playful, yellow pops of color. I'll only have to water this about once a month! I recommend planting low-maintenance plants like this one in hanging planters for ease of care. Love how the look is both modern and playful!" (Follow her @justinablakeney.)


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Tara Heibel Sprout Home Pigeon Toe Hanging Planter  Tara Heibel Sprout Home Pigeon Toe Hanging Planter
Tara Heibel, owner of Sprout Home in Chicago and Brooklyn, voice of style and reason for houseplant owners, and author of Rooted in Design: Sprout Home's Guide to Creative Indoor Planting (April 21, 2015) says:

"The plants I used—Begonia RexPeperomia caperata BurgundyPeperomia puteolata, and Muehlenbeckia vine—will all grow indoors, so you can plant and hang this arrangement in your home. Hanging planters are the perfect solution for a space that's calling for some green life but has limited floor area; it pulls the viewer's eye up and cradles whatever you put in it. It can be difficult to find a direct window spot for a hanging planter, but these plants can tolerate a bright filtered light, which gives you more options for places to hang. The combination of trailing plants, mid-size growers, and a taller specimen will add depth to any corner or area where there is a visual void." (Follow Sprout Home @sprouthomechicago and @sprouthomebrooklyn.)


Emily Henderson DesignEmily Henderson, host of HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist, voice of Target Home, and blogger of polished, eclectic design solutions for any budget at Style by Emily Henderson says:

"This planter has three things I love very much—pottery, a bit of brass, and drape-y, dramatic succulents. It's so simple in its shape and finish that it lets the plants be the star of the show, which they definitely are. I filled it with California succulents that all serve supporting roles—my rule is to vary, shape, size, color, and height to create the best combination of 'stars.'"  (Follow her at @em_henderson.)


Mallory Joyce Design Pigeon Toe Hanging Planter  Mallory Joyce Design Pigeon Toe Hanging Planters
Mallory Joyce, wedding planner and floral designer in Charlottesville, VA and blogger of beautiful things, says: 

"I started by taking some chicken wire and molding it into the planter. Chicken wire is great for stabilizing flowers and allowing them to take on a more natural shape. I filled it with water and built a base of greenery using some Variegated Geranium. Once I had a good shape going with the greens, I used hellebores, bright pink Fringed Tulips, blush Ranunculus, Queen Anne's Lace, pink heather, and purple Astrantia to fill in the design. Finally, I finished it off with some Smilax vine that I wove up the planter's hanging ropes. Our kitchen has black walls, and I loved hanging the planter in a corner of the room—it provided a beautiful contrast to the dark background." (Follow her @mallory_joyce.)


Pigeon Toe Hanging Planters  Pigeon Toe Hanging Planters Food52 Exclusive
Pigeon Toe's Hanging Planters, crafted from porcelain, brass, and linen, are a Food52 Shop exclusive. Shop for them here!

First five photos by contributors; Mallory's photos by Elisa Bricker; last two photos by Mark Weinberg.

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