4 Ways to Decorate with Colored Tapered Candles This Spring

May  4, 2015

Today: Dabito of Old Brand New, Madelynn Furlong of Wide Eyed Legless, and Sarah Ryhanen of the Saipua flower shop in Brooklyn share the three very different ways they'd use our exclusive Beehive Alchemy Beeswax Taper Candles in their own homes. May their arrangements inspire you!

Lit candles have the unique ability to make any house feel instantly more like a home, but we often reserve them for the darker winter months when we're hibernating. There's no reason candles should be chained to winter—especially when dyed in springtime hues of fresh grass, green, and deep sea blue that will brighten a room even in daylight. 

Accompanied by dramatic florals, striking holders, or beloved keepsakes, these clever candle arrangements are here to get your home ready for spring:

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1. Light up your mantel.

Dabito, a bohemian at heart and owner of the Los Angeles-based design studio, Old Brand New, styled the candles on his mantle with warm, coppery supporting tones. He says:

"These beeswax candles smell so good! The variety set is my favorite because the different shades of green look great together and pair beautifully with vintage brass candleholders. I love a group of tapered candles on a mantel because it adds a warm ambience to any room—and when you're done with them, it feels like blowing out birthday candles every time, which is a pretty fun feeling. Styling mantels can feel like a very tricky thing, but it doesn't have to be. Combine art, plants or florals, a trinket, candles, and brass accents to tie it all together and you'll have a simple, yet striking-looking mantel." (Follow Dabito @oldbrandnew.)


2. Bathe by candlelight.

Sarah Ryhanen, of the Saipua flower shop in Brooklyn, styled the tapers in wooden candlesticks and set them on the vanity for a warm bath accent. She says:

"Beehive Alchemy's tapers add an earthy touch to the dinner table (left), but if you're anything thing like us, you'll feel inspired to steal them to the bath (right) as nothing feels more luxurious than soaking by candlelight." (Follow Sarah's flower shop @saipua.)


3. Use candles for a hit of color, even when they're not lit.

Madelynn Furlong, an art director at Target and author of the minimalist design blog, Wide Eyed Legless, set the candles in a simple, solid granite holder to accentuate the color of the wax. Make their color pop by using white or acrylic candlesticks and neutral-colored linens, or by placing them on a counter against a blank background like a white wall. She says:

"There is nothing more satisfying then lighting a candle at the end of a long day, or to accompany a great meal, or whenever you feel the need to refresh your home. I love the natural beeswax candles, not only because they are natural but also because they fill your home with the delicious scent of honey. I love the simplicity of the natural green colors—perfect for summer and the warm green months ahead!" (Follow Madelynn @wideeyedlegless.)


4. Add depth to your greenery-based centerpiece.

Our art director and Shop stylist Alexis Anthony paired the variety taper set with coppery candlesticks in a range of heights, which enhanced the dark and light tones of a few sprigs of Eucalyptus for a centerpiece with depth. She says:

"You can't go wrong when you look to nature to determine which colors look good together. In this case, the silver dollar eucalyptus inspires the neutral table setting paired with the dusty greens and blues of the candles."

These Beehive Alchemy's Beeswax Taper Candles, crafted from pure beewax, are a Food52 Shop exclusive; shop for them here!

First five photos by respective contributors; last two photos by Bobbi Lin.

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