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6 Home & Design Links We Love This Week

July 10, 2015

Inspired by our food-focused Links We Love, today's roundup is a selection of inspiring—and helpful—home, art, design, and DIY posts from around the internet this week.

Today: An unsung inventor has his day, love letters to trees, and an outcry against bad wood tones plaguing homes everywhere. 

Home & Design Links to Love

Shop the Story

When a sculptor and a cookbook writer overhaul 3,500 square feet of a warehouse in Brooklyn to be a work/life space, there are bound to be some beautiful results: namely, preserved wooden ceilings and columns and a thrift store chandelier. (Brownstoner)

Home and Design Links  Home and Design Links

Comic artist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has proposed that today be dubbed Nikola Tesla Day, to honor the Serbian-American inventor who came up with such indubitably essential things like alternating current (that's what keeps your lights on), neon lighting, remote control, and radar. We're celebrating by, um, using electricity. (H/T to Jeremy Beker for this excellent bit of intel.)

Home and Design Links to Love iBubble Wrap

In devastating news for photo shoot assistants everywhere, the original seller of bubble wrap is releasing a new version called iBubble Wrap that doesn't pop; the inflated bits will be columns rather than in sealed-off partitions. Yes, it might be a space-saver since you blow it up yourself, but we're going to miss stomping around on it like kids. (Refinery 29)

Home and Design Links to Love

When the city of Melbourne, Australia assigned each tree a public email address, they expected to cull reports of hazards like precarious broken branches. Instead, they got love letters to the trees instead: "My dearest Ulmus, as I was leaving St. Mary’s College today I was struck, not by a branch, but by your radiant beauty. You must get these messages all the time. You’re such an attractive tree," one reads. (The Atlantic)

Woven Basket

Francesca Stone's "Make it Easy" column on Fall for DIY reminds us that some of the simplest, most impression-making upgrades can be achieved with just one supply—like a coat of black paint on a woven basket. (Fall for DIY)

Blueberry Cake

The three wood finishes that are ruining home designs the world over—and the right kinds of woods, styles, and finishes that should be replacing them—compiled in a handy, clever guide. (Style by Emily Henderson)

Photos by Dustin Aksland, Wikipedia Commons, Mint Images/Rex Shutterstock, Jennifer Morrow/Flickr, Francesca Stone, Emily Henderson, and Mark Weinberg

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C. B. July 11, 2015
Just a heads up: in the (fantastic) bit about the tree, "instead" is repeated twice in a sentence.
Amanda S. July 14, 2015
Thank you!
Ali S. July 10, 2015
Bubble wrap noooooo
revolutionaryhabit July 10, 2015
Tesla is revered in our family - he was Serbian, not Siberian, American. Thank you for spreading the word about his work!
Amanda S. July 10, 2015
My goodness—apologies! I've fixed that in the copy above. Thank you!