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September 25, 2009

Fellow kneaders, beaters, grinders, and mashers:

The first rule of foodie fight club is you will talk about online arena food52.com.

The second rule of foodie fight club is you will talk about the weekly recipe battles, quick-changing themes (best brunch eggs, top chowder), and head-to-head video cooking demos.

No training or culinary background required. Your hosts — food writers Amanda Hesser (NYT) and Merrill Stubbs — will select the best of the best.

Only two battles per week. Fights will go on until midnight on Tuesdays, when public votes will be counted. Winners will be crowned the following day.

Whether it’s your first (or second or twelfth) time at food52.com, you can contribute. Post a recipe, make a comment, and vote for your champions — whose ass-kicking dishes will be published in a HarperStudio cookbook.

Let’s get ready to crumble.

Enter online at food52.com. trying to do, which is very much an interactive experience.

FBNY: What are your goals for food52?

AH: We hope that lots of people will come and take part in the voting and add recipes. Taking part in creating this cookbook doesn’t mean you have to compete in the recipe contest. Just by voting you are helping edit and shape the book. We are hoping people will understand that and people who really love food will come and participate. For many, it’s a dream to write a cookbook, but not everyone has the time or enough recipes to make it work.

- Amanda Ernst

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