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November 16, 2010

Martha Stewart Show

For tomorrow morning only, there's a new 'M' in A&M (sorry, Merrill). Amanda will be on The Martha Stewart Show at 10am (9am Central) making a favorite holiday side from The Essential New York Times Cookbook -- trust us, you won't want to miss this.

Go here to find your local Hallmark Channel, carrier of all things Martha.

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drbabs November 21, 2010
Amanda, I just got the chance to look at the video today. You were great! And you looked like you were having a lot of fun. (And, man, Martha Stewart is TALL!!!)
ashleychasesdinner November 18, 2010
Amanda you looked great!! Good job!
gingerroot November 18, 2010
Amanda, you looked great and were a delight to watch with Martha. The parsnip puree and sweet potatoes both looked so good - making my decisions for next week even more difficult! (I also grinned at your mention of my home state - hooray for David Eyre!).
betteirene November 17, 2010
If you go here tomorrow (Thursday, 11/18--video isn't available until the day after a program airs) you'll be able to click on the show' title. After you do that page comes up, to the right, you'll see a list of segments of the show--click "James Beard's Pureed Parsnips"
lapadia November 17, 2010
What fun it was to watch you on Martha…great job! Oh, and btw, I am a vanilla person!
MrsWheelbarrow November 17, 2010
I am so sad I missed this segment (due to unholy traffic and running around pre-Thanksgiving.) Will you post a link? or video? Pretty please? Congratulations on the whole shebang, Amanda. You've done such a fantastic job on this book tour.
Lizthechef November 17, 2010
Hope someone can post the video somewhere - I missed it! Brava, Amanda!
Rita B. November 18, 2010
I agree. I couldn't watch it from this part of the world, so I hope to see it somewhere!
Daphne November 17, 2010
This just came on during Martha's second show at my house. Been standing in my kitchen watching Martha since 10 am. Amanda, you were fantastic!!!!!
AntoniaJames November 17, 2010
If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be watching Martha Stewart on a Wednesday morning, with Mr. T, on November 17, 2010, I'd say you had to be kidding. But that's exactly what happened. We watched The Martha Stewart Show together (just your segment!), and loved, loved, loved every minute of it. Really like how relaxed and fun-loving it all was! I happen to have clipped that recipe for the sweet potatoes when it was published, and have made it so many times (not just for Thanksgiving, mind you), so it was extra fun to watch you make it. And I am totally with you, Amanda, on the vanilla! That said, we eat this dish not as a side, but as dessert; incapable of making any recipe as written, I add 2/3 cup of sour cream as well, which ironically, makes it seem lighter. ;o)
Amanda H. November 17, 2010
Totally forgot to wear my tall clogs -- urg! But had SO much fun. I love Martha! The set and studio are absolutely beautiful -- even the makeup people have handsome supplies, all lined up in tidy rows. A memorable morning -- thanks for your sweet notes!
monkeymom November 17, 2010
Great job Amanda!! I'm home with sick kids so I got to watch. What a great long segment you got! Good recovery from the flying nutmeg too. You looked amazing!
phyllis November 17, 2010
I've never watched the show, but did today. You looked great!!!
aargersi November 17, 2010
I recorded it and just now took a little break and watched - Amanda you look great and the recipes do too. Martha must be REALLY tall because you're kinda short but not, you know, freakishly so, and she looked like a giant. That pancake guys racing around at the end was hilarious.
ashleychasesdinner November 17, 2010
Have fun Amanda. I will be watching and rooting you on!!
phyllis November 16, 2010
Have fun and be yourself. I finally found it and have my TiVo set to record.
mariaraynal November 16, 2010
Have so much fun! I've already set the DVR.
dymnyno November 16, 2010
You will be just will look like David to know what!
Amanda H. November 16, 2010
Thanks all! Should be fun. Kristen told me to wear heels because Martha is tall and I am short, short!
mrslarkin November 17, 2010
Don't worry! She'll probably prop you up on a box or something.
drbabs November 16, 2010
I wonder if she will knit you a poncho. Have fun, Amanda!
betteirene November 16, 2010
Have fun! Wouldn'tcha know, I've got to work. Oh well, I'll dig up a clip later off her web site. Do the air-kiss thing and tell her that I love her.
Daphne November 16, 2010
Can't wait to watch this! Have fun! Looking through the book right now to try to guess which dish
thirschfeld November 16, 2010
The only advice I can offer is, don't tell any prison jokes to break the ice.
She jokes about her stint in prison fairly regularly. ; )