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6 Home & Design Links We Love This Week

July 17, 2015

A pre-fab design we can get behind, abstract aerial photographs of sky-blue salt fields, and how to DIY a concrete-topped desk—etc.

Home and Design Links Dwell Suburban Prefab  Homes and Design Links Dwell Suburban Prefab

Equipped with a self-regulating indoor climate (plus rainwater collection for the yard and solar roof panels for heating water), this light filled pre-fab home design by superfäb has us somehow reconsidering a move to the suburbs. (Dwell)

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Home and Design Links Vanna Venturi House for Sale

An emblem of how postmodern design has had some resolute success stories, the Vanna Venturi house by architect Robert Venturi was considered a game-changer in residential design—and having now entered the market, can be yours for a mere $1.75 M. (Curbed)

Home and Design Links Blue Salt Fields Honestly WTF   Home and Design Links Blue Salt Fields Honestly WTF

Abstractly cropped and painterly, these aerial photographs of Northern Australia's salt fields by photographer Simon Butterworth have the illusion of being carefully detailed by brustrokes. (HonestlyWTF)

Home and Design Links Fruit Poster

A catalogue of "mutatoes" from Berlin farmers markets, these oddly shaped fruits and vegetables were photographed and compiled by artist Uli Westphal, who calls them the “last survivors of agricultural diversity.” (Cup of Jo)

Home and Design Links Concrete Desk ABM  Home and Design Links Concrete Desk ABM

A collaboration between The Home Depot and the DIY masterminds at the Merrythought, this poured concrete desk and notched wooden legs is actually a project you can do at home (providing you're ready to get your hands a little dirty). (The Apron Blog)

Home and Design Links Art that Looks like Minions

In a roundup of images provided without comment, the Hairpin's list of contemporary art that looks like Minions is just the jolt of weird delight that we needed this week; the example pictured above is called "Band," an acrylic work on canvas by artist Paul Sonabend. (The Hairpin)

Photos by TORBEN ESKEROD (1, 2), (3), Simon Butterfield (4, 5), Uli Westphal (6), The Merrythought (7, 8), and Paul Sonabend (9)

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