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August 14, 2015

The easist way to spiff up your cords, ingenious fixes for small spaces, and a lesson in the art of the shelfie. 

Designer Shelfies

A mashup of the shelf and a selfie, the art of the shelfie is demystified by interior designer Windsor Smith, who sees bookshelves as "curiosity cabinets, a window into what you are thinking, where you have been, and where you wish to go.” (Vogue

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Little Green Notebook Yarn Lamp Jenny Komenda  Little Green Notebook Lamp Jenny Komenda

Using just yard and a little bit of glue at the ends, Jenny Komenda created a cord that's every bit as sophisticated as a fabric-wrapped one. (Little Green Notebook


Abandoned Japanese Golf Courses Solar Farms Arch Daily

Japan's goal of doubling its renewable energy sources by 2030 is looking a little more attainable now that they're converting abandoned golf courses into massive (and visually arresting) solar energy plants (Arch Daily)


How I Babyproofed my house emily henderson

Baby-proofing a home, especially a meticulously-designed, modern, semi-precarious space that's the home of an interior decorator, is easier said than done. From fitting railing gaps with plexi to swapping in sliding-closed sockets, Emily Henderson shares exactly what doing it to her home cost—and if she'd do it over again. (Style by Emily Henderon)


Swiss Miss Buzz Feed Japanese Words

These 14 Japanese words say wonderful things that we don't have words for—like kuidaore (n): to eat yourself into bankrupcy. We know that feeling. (Swiss Miss)


forgotten corner solutions refinery 29  forgotten corner solutions refinery 29

In pursuit of eliminating wasted nooks, crannies, and corners, this slideshow of tips for small spaces features hanging chairs, wall-mounted cubbies, and a DIY clothing rack. (Refinery 29)

Golf course photo by Kyocera, interior photo by Emily Henderson, cord photos by Jenny Komenda, Japanese word overlays by Daniel Dalton/BuzzFeed/Jay Mantri, hanging swing photo by Maria del Rio, red shelf phot by Gunnar Larson, and shelfie photo directed by Hana Kitasei.

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